Middle Cubley (O)

Layout Group Leader: Mick Mills
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“Middle Cubley” has been used as the name for the layout as we wanted to give as much credibility and local interest as possible, with stock movements from as diverse an area as believably practicable.

Looking at the rail maps of the area, Uttoxeter stood out as a triangular junction with direct links to Stoke, Derby and the Churnet Valley Line, and close to the service operated over the GNR line to Stafford.Clearly Uttoxeter would not be a feasible option in the restricted space available to us (it would not be easy in OO either), so reference was made back to the map and the Churnet Valley line; it was noticed that the villages of Little Cubley and Great Cubley were not far away.

We are now in a part of the country that is far from any coast and is ideal for military production, which would also mean transporting workers to the area. So, a spur from the Churnet Valley Line could have been constructed, the facilities later being occupied by engineering works still requiring workers to be transported to the area, and rail access for incoming materials and outgoing products by a connection to the private tramway.

The name chosen is fictitious and the layout is being built in the Midland Railway style.

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