Whiteacres, 4mm, OO

Whiteacres is Stafford Railway Circle’s 4mm fine scale exhibition layout set in the Staffordshire/Derbyshire area and representing a (fictitious) former LNWR route from Birmingham to Derby and Nottingham (on the assumption the Midland lines were never built). This line is on the high level and is linked to an ex-GCR line on the lower level. One throat of the station is modelled together with the station buildings and surrounding town scene.The River Acres valley is crossed by both lines on viaducts and girder bridges-on the high level is the junction of the lines to Derby and Nottingham while on the low level there is also a junction but the ‘main’ route as currently modelled is truncated.

The visible track and pointwork is all hand-built using C + L and Exactoscale products and for point operation uses Cobalt and Tortoise point motors. The signalling is all colour light with full route indications. All the bridges and buildings are either scratch-built or modified kits.

The stock is provided by SRC members and is appropriate to the chosen operating period. The wiring and control panels allow operation on either analogue (12v dc) or DCC (using Lenz equipment).

Behind the scenes there is an extensive fiddle yard which can store over 60 separate trains and allows for an intensive and varied operating sequence.

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