Saturday 15 August 2020

In these uncertain times we have been looking ahead and considering whether we would be in a position to go ahead with the exhibition next year. Colin, our Exhibition Manager, together with our Chairman and Finance Director have held a number of meetings and eventually finalised an 8 page risk assessment as to what might happen under various scenarios concerning social distancing, probable attendance, increased costs etc. After careful consideration by the company board it was decided that with all the unknowns we could not continue with planning for the exhibition in February 2021 and that we should therefore postpone it. We are sorry to have to take this action as I am sure you would normally be looking forward to coming to Stafford although we are sure you will understand our position. The exhibition is still some time away but it is at this time of the year when we start to incur expenses many of which are none recoverable such as hotel costs and insurances. So a decision has had to be taken now.

Not all is lost however. Having had talks with our venue we can confirm that we will be back with a bigger and better show on February 5th and 6th 2022. We are sorry to have taken this decision but with the uncertainty of the present situation feel that we had no alternative.