The club has a wide variety of layouts in different scales and with different themes that are available for exhibition. Below is a list of, first, club layouts followed by indivdual members’ layouts.

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Club Layouts

Christopher Shunting Yard, OO

Freshwater, EM

Hogsmead on Sodor, OO

Meyrick Road, OO

Redwick Halt, OO

Seagone, O16.5

Stackton Tressell, OO

Whiteacres, OO

Modular Layout, OO

Members’ Layouts

Bishopston, OO

Blakecaster, O16.5

Blandings Parva, O

Camel Quay, OO

Crimson Road, OO

Hadley, Stoneybrook and Swale Railway O16.5

Jennings Sidings and Works, O

Ladderedge, O16.5

Oulton TMD, OO

Oil Drum Lane, OO

San Clemente, HO

Town Wall Yard, OO