Kingston Oil

Kingston Oil by Owen Davis

The Layout is based all around British Railways with an diesel refilling depot at one end of the layout. The buildings on the layout all illuminate up and so do the road vehicles all have working lights. The stock is mostly DCC sound the Controller is a Digitrax DCS 50 with a handheld controller. The points motors are DCC concepts Cobalt IP slow action. For the leavers I use DCC Concepts Cobalt S Leavers. The layout has a little industrial area with units from 2x Eddie Stobart to John Lewis and Currys and Pc World.

Stock List:

Bachmann Class 08 shunter Freightliner.

Bachmann Class 08 shunter DB

Hornby Class 04 Belfour Beatty

Hornby Class 20 technical support

Bachmann Class 37 DRS

Heljan  Class 47 DRS

Bachmann Class 66 Freightliner shanks

All the power supplies are pat tested annually.

The Layout takes about 15-20 minutes to take down. And about 30 minutes to set up.



Details of the layout can be seen here