Description on Oakleymoss

Oakleymoss is a fictional terminus station based on a fictional heritage railway based somewhere in the south of England.

The OO layout is DC analog and set in present day.

The board is measured at 244cm (length) and 112cm (width), the operating size is 366cm x 183cm.

The main attractions are a classic vehicles rally happening in the station’s carpark with either a Stephenson’s Rocket replica (or a miniature replica of an LNER A3 pacific) as the center piece exhibit, a BR MK1 sleeping car (which is used as a camping coach during the spring and summer months) and a GWR Castle Class (4097 “Kenilworth Castle”) which is used on static display.

I do need to note that at the time of me writing this (20/2/20), that I am a 14-year-old lad and not an adult (yet) so may not be avaliable for your exhibtion.

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