Carminster Parkway (OO)

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The layout, which is a continuous run , has a through station to the left (as viewed by the public) and an 8 road fiddle yard at the rear. Only the front boards are scenic. The station has 2 through platforms and two bay platforms. The bay platforms are shown in full, but only one of the ends of the through platforms is visible.

The model represents a small city station serving the imaginary city of Carminster, built where lines from several parts of the country converge. It is set somewhere in the western midlands. Due to its central location it is served by a number of different train operators. It also enjoys the attentions of companies operating heritage and luxury touring trains.

Given its central location and pivotal status in railway network terms, it enjoys an extensive passenger train service and only a very few trains actually pass through the station without stopping. There are no longer any freight or locomotive facilities at the station, but sizeable freight trains pass through from time to time en route between Birmingham and the south of England.

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Owner: Ian Rae