Redwick Halt



Basic and Beginners Group

Following the successful exhibition at Bingley Hall, Stafford Railway Circle were fortunate to gain some new members both beginners and returning modellers. The group was set up to give these people a project that would give them a chance to learn new skills and new techniques.

A simple circular layout was taken from the ‘Model Railway Planning and Design Handbook’ by Neil A. Ripley, Steve Flint, Paul A. Lunn. This was based on a metre square board with a fiddle yard (loop) and 2 sidings to shunt around in and took its inspiration from the country halts served by a single line with minimal traffic. Track, buildings and ancillary items were sourced mainly from proprietary items from suppliers such as Peco, Hornby, Ratio and Dapol. Stock is supplied by members themselves.

The original idea was to meet every Saturday morning for six weeks to complete the project. This was largely achieved and the layout has attended its first two exhibitions.

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