Oil Drum Lane

Oil Drum Lane, 4mm, OO

Welcome to Oil Drum Lane is a DRS depot in a fictitious location somewhere in the south.

The depot consists of a four track MPD for the daily routine servicing, together with refuelling and signing on facilities.

There is a small Network Rail workshop in the background and diesel fuel tanks for the refuelling of the locomotives.

Other operators such as EWS also often use the refuelling facilities.

The scenic part of the layout is coupled to a transverser fiddle yard which is electrically isolated from the scenic section,

The layout is operated by DCC using NCE PowerCab system.

The points are also operated by DCC with full route setting facility.

Locomotives are fitted with sound and are all weathered, some cleaner than others.

Oil Drum Lane does not really exist, other than the fictional location of the BBC 1960 series of Steptoe & Son.



The following photos courtesy of Andy York, BRM

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