Spring Show 18th May 2024


Layouts attending:

Blue is the Colour

Blue is the Colour is an N gauge layout which represents the West Coast Mainline above Preston. It is set in the mid 1980’s when British Rail Corporate Blue still held sway in the livery of stock.

The layout comprises a junction station with a non electrified branch line. This is complemented by a woodyard and brewery on the bank of the river.

The Brewery


Cathwaer is based on the fictitious Heymore Light Railway (HLR) which set in the Derwent Valley of present-day North Derbyshire.

Cwm Hir

00-9 gauge layout set in 1920s Mid Wales.

Cwm Hir (Long Valley) is a tiny halt on a narrow gauge railway somewhere in the middle of Wales. It serves a number of local isolated farms and houses in the area, which can be accessed by the lane which crosses the railway here.

The layout represents a slice of a railway which runs from a local market town, where it meets the standard gauge’s local branch, through a few miles of countryside and a number of small villages, before reaching the slate quarries it was originally built for.

Derwent Road

This model is of a fictitious 18″ gauge line. The railway is shared between a sand company and a preservation society, with sand trains still running the entire length of the railway, but the preservation society’s passenger trains terminate at Derwent Road.

Hogsmead on Sodor

This layout is the SRC’s favourite as far as the kids are concerned! A mixture of “Thomas” and “Harry Potter” themes make this an ideal attraction for the youngsters at a model railway exhibition.

It is operated by the children themselves – so there’s always plenty of custom!


Jennings Sidings

Redwick Halt

Redwick Halt is a small club project layout which was built by new members to the club who wanted to develop existing skills or learn new skills. It was built largely over 6 weeks, 3 hours on Saturday mornings.

Town End Wharf

Town End Wharf is an Inglenook shunting layout using the 5/3/3 siding format. The head shunt is a little longer than necessary to accommodate my liking for early BR diesels. The layout was inspired by the Burton upon Trent, Bond End Branch, built by the Midland Railway on the Bond End Canal, leading to cramped facilities. It is set toward the end of its supposed existence, in the early 1960’s. It is operated from the front and train formation is selected by shuffling wagon cards.
If you have any questions about the layout, please feel free to ask!


(plus more to be added)


A2B Model Railways


Stafford Railway Circle club sales will be present.

Light refreshments avaialble, together with free parking.

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