Jennings Sidings and Works

Jennings’ Sidings and Works


O gauge


 Jennings’ Sidings is an industrial layout set ‘somewhere in the Midlands’. The buildings are mainly scratch built using a mounting board foundation with scribed Polyfilla stone surfaces. The engine shed, and waggon repair works are built using wooden sleeper strip. Many of the buildings have detailed illuminated interiors. Motive power is provided by R-t-R industrial locos and the rolling stock is a mixture of kit-built and R-t-R vehicles.


The layout is 13 feet long by 20 inches. A cut down version is also available at 10 feet by 20 inches (ideal for one day show). The layout does not have lighting and a reasonably lit location would be required.


 Two operators, but can be solo operation, with a volunteer needed to provide breaks etc. Training at no extra cost.


Two operators,  table and chairs, power socket sufficient to support four plug extension.


 Small van or two cars (dependent on operator availability).




 Keith Hayward

07768 471 617

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