Meyrick Road

An introduction to our new OO layout from our Exhibition Manager, Colin Hill

The layout came about after a remark at our AGM. We had realised that whilst we were getting new members joining the club we needed to make them feel more included into the activities. As the club needed a new clubroom running layout it was suggested that these new members should build it as a means of improving their skills in all aspects of the hobby. A meeting was subsequently held where it was explained that the more experienced modellers in the club would not get involved other than passing on their skills to the newcomers. The meeting then went on to discuss track plans and type of layout and a plan was agreed on. A couple of weeks later a pile of timber arrived and baseboard construction started. Over the last 18 months or so the new members have learned skills in baseboard construction, track laying, electrical wiring, scenics and building construction. At that first meeting, hosted by our exhibition manager, the question was asked if he thought the layout would ever leave the clubroom to go onto the exhibition circuit. Other members were of the opinion that they did not think that their skills, or lack of at that time, meant that this would not happen, Our manager pointed out that their skills would improve over time and if they wanted to bring it to our exhibition as a means of showing the public what can be achieved by newcomers, then he would arrange for it to be shown and thus it is here today. Incidentally, he also pointed out at that first meeting, that as their skills improved they would probably go back to improve on their early work and this has proved to be the case. This has been shown for example in the buildings which were originally card kits but as skills improved many have been redone in plasticard. If you would like to find out more about the layout please feel free to ask the members present or you might like to visit us at our clubroom in Stone to see what goes on and to find out the benefits of being a club member.


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