Oil Drum Lane (OO)

Oil Drum Lane was built by Mark Murray, a member of the Normanton & Pontefract Model Railway Club. The layout attended a few local exhibitions. I purchased Oil Drum Lane after Mark’s last exhibition (Stafford Railway Circle Exhibition, February 2014).

That’s its potted history, so now to the future…

The layout came without a fiddle yard so, after the Warley 2014 exhibition, I set to building a four track traverser board which completes the layout.

A few minor electrical changes and it’s ready to hit the Exhibition scene.

Oil Drum Lane is a four road TMD operated by DRS which has a four lane maintenance shed run to maintain the DRS diesel fleet working in the area. Day to day service checks are undertaken at Oil Drum Lane together with the refuelling of locomotives.

The depot is set somewhere in West Midlands and is often used as the starting base for both steam and diesel hauled charter specials, so look out for the support coach.
The barrier coaches for the nuclear flask train are often stored on shed between duties.

Occasionally, other than DRS stock can be seen refuelling. Even occasionally a steam engine will use the depot either for a overnight stay between turns or just to take on coal and water.

The layout is DCC operated by Gaugemaster and most stock is fitted with sound. Kadee couplings are fitted to the stock.

Any Oil Drum Lane exhibition bookings are shown in our Events Calendar page.

You can download a copy of the Exhibition Manager’s details for this layout if you click here.

Owner: Terry Robinson

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